Nowadays, every day is a World Cup day! Even Google is keeping up with new doodles everyday. Every one must be rooting for their favorite team to win and celebrities have their own too. Find out what team they are cheering for.

Gisele Bundchen World Cup 2014 photo gisele-bundchen-brazil-world-cup-2014_zps5335a1a8.jpg
Gisele Bundchen for Brazil.

Naomi Campbell photo naomi-campbell-world-cup-2014_zpse5b0282b.jpg
Naomi Campbell for Brazil.

Shakira World Cup 2014 photo shakira-columbia-world-cup-2014_zpsc89d0846.jpg
Shakira for Columbia.

Alessandra Ambrosio World Cup 2014 photo Alessandra-Ambrosio-world-cup-2014_zps4ea22dd7.jpg
Alessandra Ambrosio for Brazil.

Madonna World Cup 2014 photo madonna-world-cup-2014_zps7e24cb78.jpg
Madonna for Italy.

Joe Jonas World Cup 2014 photo joe-jonas-world-cup-2014_zpsc9a22913.jpg
Joe Jonas for USA.

Arnold Schwarzenegger  World Cup 2014 photo Arnold-Schwarzenegger-usa-world-cup-2014_zps7630d98f.jpg
Arnold Schwarzenegger for USA.

Photo Source: InStyle (Instagram)

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