2014 BAFTA Awards is here! While everyone's eyes were focusing on the London Fashion Week, celebrities gathered around the Royal Opera House in London last Sunday not only to attend the awards night but to show off their red carpet fashion styles also. Find out what they wore!
Let's start with Angelina Jolie. Surprisingly, Angelina Jolie sported a tuxedo by Saint Laurent Paris. In my opinion, whatever she wear, Angelina always nailed it!
2014 BAFTA Awards photo 2014-BAFTA-Angelina-Jolie_zpsf69ab8ff.jpg

I can say that these three actress wore similar long dresses in black and dark blue hues! Cate Blanchett in Alexander McQueen, Amy Adams in Victoria Beckham and Uma Thurman in Atelier Versace.
2014 BAFTA Awards photo 2014-BAFTA-Cate-Blanchett_zps4c63d256.jpg
2014 BAFTA Awards photo 2014-BAFTA-Amy-Adams_zpsa47c5196.jpg
2014 BAFTA Awards photo 2014-BAFTA-Uma-Thurman_zps94e79d2f.jpg
Obviously, Lily Allen is the most colorful in my list. She wore a Vivienne Westwood in orange and pink shades.
2014 BAFTA Awards photo 2014-BAFTA-Lily-Allen_zps39b1dbd8.jpg

Source: InStyle

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