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Halloween is coming! So better you run out of ideas, check out my fashion Halloween costume tips for you. I surfed the internet to find the top Halloween costumes for 2009. Here they are:

  • Vampires - With the popularity of Twilight movie and True Blood TV series, vampires Halloween costumes are one of the top costumes this year.
  • Witches - People also loved to sport witches costumes as if they are ready to cast spells like Harry Potter.
  • Celebrities - Costumes related to fashion style statements of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett are also in. Kate Gosselin trademark hairstyle is also popular.
  • Joker - Last year's Joker look of Heath Ledger may also reappear in this years Halloween costumes.

The following classic fashion Halloween costumes were also on the list of top 2009 Halloween costumes:
  • pirate
  • clown
  • wench/vixen
  • cat
  • devil
  • police officer
  • princess
  • Spider-Man
  • Disney princess
  • “Star Wars” character
  • Tinker Bell
  • Batman.
  • pumpkin
  • bow tie/fancy collar
  • Superdog/Supercat
  • dog
  • angel
  • bee
Due to economic crises, you don't have to buy new fashion Halloween costumes. Instead, you can achieve one of the top Halloween looks from your own closets.

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