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In these times of economic crises, all we want to do is to save money and spend it wisely. Some people lost their interest in dressing up for the Halloween season. But did you know that you can still channel your most fashionably frightening look while spending less?

Yes! You can still be fashionable for the Halloween even if you won't buy expensive Halloween costumes. In my quest for finding cheap Halloween costumes for adult, I encountered costumes from zoogster. Want to know what I have discovered? Read the rest of this entry.

For Women
Cheal Halloween Costumeshalloween costumes
Ugly Betty Costume - Ugly Betty wig, braces and glasses
Lindsay Lohan Costume - Pink spandex dress, black patent leather belt and House Arrest ankle pouch

halloween costumeshalloween costumes
Army Costume - cute pink army dress
Uncle Sam Outfit - detachable cape, skirt, hat, bow tie and wrist cuffs

For Men
halloween costumeshalloween costumes
80s Pop Star Wig - Michael Jackson look-a-like wig and sunglasses
Pirate Scarf with Dreadlocks Costume - maroon Pirate scarf with attached dreadlocks wig

halloween costumeshalloween costumes
Male Ballerina Costume - blue ballerina dress with attached overskirt and funny oversized bosoms
Archie Costume - a blue shirt with mock sweater vest, "R" on the chest, pants, and Archie wig

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