Did you know that ugg boots were originally from Australia? Made from sheepskin, the original ugg boots were used by the pilots during World War 1. Farmers and surfers also used ugg boots to warm their feet.

Now, ugg boots were not only used to provide comfort instead they are utilized for fashion purposes. They become a major hit to celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Eva Longoria and Vanessa Hudgens. If you want to wear this trend, you can choose and buy a pair from the wide collection of ugg boots from Whooga.

Here's the good news! Whooga offers a gift card for the Fashion-O-Lic fans and readers. You can use this coupon to enjoy the $30 discount on their products upon your purchase. Just go to their website www.whoogaboots.co.uk and enter the FASHIONOLI code into the shopping cart.

Enjoy shopping!

"Receiving an overwhelmingly hot reception at 'Australia Fashion Exposed' in Melbourne and lovingly worn by thousands of new ugg boot fans in London, Sydney, New York and California. Nothing offers the comfort, quality and luxury of authentic sheepskin, hand stitched ugg boots." ~Whooga

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