Let’s take a glimpse on some of the highlights of Milan Fashion Week Spring 2009.

Missoni Spring 2009 collection was comprised of different shades, tones and styles. The colour palette used in the collection is a combination of pink, gold, blue and yellow. Models walked the runway in palazzo pants, summer dresses, high-waisted straight skirts and silk blouses, accessorized with chunky belts. The evening gowns were embellished with studded detail, to give them added flair.

Burberry Prorsum's Spring 2009 collection had an autumn/fall feel because it comes with shades of grey, brown, and bronze. The collection was made up of hats, Barbour-style hunting jackets, skinny cardigans, drop-waist dresses. Models were accessorized with oversized statement necklaces which Christopher also presented in his Fall 2008 collection.

Prada's Spring 2009 collection was like the Fall 2008 lace collection, with cropped tops, bra tops and key hole dresses and crumpled pieces. Shrunken jackets had no fasteners except a tie at the neck. Open backs on cashmere jumpers were tied with cotton strings like hospital gowns. There were also sexy secretary silhouettes and python prints.

Giorgio Armani Spring 2009 collection was full of luxe fabrics of organza and chiffon, with a color palette of light and pastel shades of sandy beige to sea shell brown. The designer presented a mixed collection of romantic above-the-knee dresses, ankle-length gowns, Bermuda shorts and slim pants. Signature pieces like tuxedo/blazers were given a modern touch, with asymmetrical buttoning. Dresses were either strapless or layered with petals.

Emporio Armani Spring 2009 collection’s color palette includes navy and white, with shades of grey. The trousers picked up on the trend from New York Fashion Week, and were either cigarette pants or harem-inspired. Blouses and dresses were adorned with large statement necklaces.


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