Aside from being a judge in Project Runway, US designer, Michael Kors will be guesting an episode of hit TV show, Gossip Girl.

During an interview via WWD, Kors revealed that he was a big fan of the series. "I love the clothes, everyone is good-looking, the plot line is a riot. I love the show. They called and said, 'You are very Gossip Girl', I thought, Finally, I am a teenager."

“I was glued into ‘Gossip Girl’ from Day One,” he added. “I think it truly is the ‘car-crash-that’s-glamourous.’ Probably to the consternation of certain people on the Upper East Side, they really get it. It’s a pretty clear picture of how a lot of these kids really are.”

And here's more....a sneak peak of the next season's fashion trend.

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