Thin is really in?

Nowadays, women are bombarded from all angles with the pressure to be thin. It comes from fashion magazines and runway, music videos, advertisements, celebrities, television shows and other things. No wonder why anorexia problem is rampant in almost all parts of the world.

According to BBC News, there are an estimated 60,000 people in Britain with eating disorders. Nine out of ten are female. This fact only proves that this unhealthy trend is continually practiced not just by catwalk models but also by teenage girls and ordinary women.

So before you kill yourself to death by excessive dieting, you can use Photoshop to transform yourself from normal to it's thin mode. With this technology, you can check what will you look like after a few weeks.

For samples, here are the photos from Worth1000.com (a website known to host extremely creative Photoshop contest) that shows some celebrities turned into anorexic, complete with bobble heads.

Paris Hilton

Scarlett Johansson

Lindsay Lohan

Angelina Jolie


Jennifer Lopez

Nicole Kidman


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Anonymous said... @ August 8, 2010 at 4:13 AM

Whoever used photoshop to make these pictures is just pathetic...please use your time more effeciently!

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