The waitress-turned-reality-show-star-turned-model and George Clooney's girlfriend, Sarah Larson, shares some personal facts about how she met the Sexiest Man Alive, their reality show guilty pleasure and her many adventures with Hollywood's biggest movie star in the upcoming June issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine that will hit the newsstands in May 20.

She is considered as the new It Girl by Harper's Bazaar with the following tag line: " Don't Hate Her Because...She's Beautiful, Fearless, and dates George Clooney".

Here's an excerpt of her interview for the said magazine:

On George and reality shows: "If George had been on a reality show, I don't think I'd have talked to him. It would have been like, 'That's nice.'"

On eating scorpions in Fear Factor: "Good thing it didn't deter him, though. "He still wants to date me, and I ate a scorpion".

On traveling the globe and meeting world leaders. "I don't get star-struck, but meeting people like [the Dalai Lama], I get star-struck" .

On Clooney's intimidating fame: "I see him as a normal person, like anyone else. He just happens to have a well-known face. You realize who is good for you and who's not pretty quickly."

On first meeting George about four years ago while working at a Las Vegas resort, when she was attached to someone else: “We were hanging out and dancing and being goofballs. Nothing crazy. We talked, that’s it.”

On things getting serious in June of 2007 when they ran into each other at the premiere of Ocean’s Thirteen: “I got texts, and we just started talking. George is funny and sweet, and he’s good to be around. I see him as a normal person, like anyone else. He just happens to have a well-known face.”

On watching marathons of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels while recovering from their motorcycle accident last September: “We caught ourselves rooting for someone or getting frustrated. And we were like, ‘This is sad.’”



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