February 2021 Worth-Trying Fashion Trends

Nagi Noda's Animal Wigs

Nowadays, hair extensions are becoming the hottest fashion accessory in Hollywood and for fashionable women. More and more women especially celebrities are making hair extensions part of their beauty routine because they are easy to wear and maintain. During the past years, the extensions had to be glued or weaved into the hair by a professional that sometimes it can damage women's natural hair. However, today extensions can just be clipped into place with a few simple steps and can add natural body or length to hair.

Also topping the list for a trendy celebrity fashion accessory are wigs. Britney Spears has unveiled a string of contemporary wigs together with other celebrities such Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani, Li'l Kim, and Tyra Banks.

If you want to wear fake hair but dare to be different, try Nagi Noda's creations. The Japanese Art Director's collection includes synthetic hair hats that represents dogs, owls, lions, and other animals.



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