To all the Victoria's Secret Angels' fans, two of these angels were spotted in Miami and New York City to promote Victoria's Secret clothing line and lingerie collection.

Last week, Sports Illustrated covergirl, Marisa Miller, was seen in Miami promoting Victoria's Secret new clothing and swim line. Wearing a sexy baby doll dress, she was quite happy sharing her thoughts to the press about keeping her figure, eating disorders and popular misconceptions about her.

"There's a misconception about swimsuit models. We actually do eat. You need your curves," she insists in an interview with the Miami Herald. "It's not so much a skinny thing but more about being toned. I grew up eating healthy and clean. I box and surf and try to mix it up. Going to the gym can be pretty boring," she claims, adding that "I may be too curvy for high fashion. I'm actually encouraged to eat".

"I feel really sad when I see the whole eating disorder thing - even if you don't want to be a role model you're out in the public eye. At the same time, I think there are girls who are naturally thin. There's no way you could be living an unhealthy lifestyle and pull off this job. If I didn't eat, I'd pass out!'' she insists.

Meanwhile, Miranda Kerr showed at the head store in New York City a few days ago. She publicized the new Victoria’s Secret bra, Dream Angel.

“The wonderful thing about this bra is that it’s really comfortable because it has this memory lining. It contours to your curves as to the perfect fit. It’s romantic, it’s comfortable. It’s a great bra, I love it.”

She also mentioned about some memorabilia that can be found in the store to celebrate ten years of Victoria’s Secret Angels:

“At the Herald Square store in New York, Victoria’s Secret is unveiling the last 10 years of angel history. You can go down to the store and customers can see some of the things that have happened over the last 10 years. Like, the first ever wings that were worn on the fashion show back in 1998. Or the angel wings that Heidi [Klum] wore that were 12 feet long–the hugest wings in history. A football signed by Adriana [Lima] that was signed at the Super Bowl.”

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