Have you seen the April issue of Flair magazine? Well, it has a spread featuring model Flavia Oliveira with an editorial title "Hollywood Dreams". Flavia portrayed an image of an aspiring model who seeks stardom, finds rejection, romance, publicity, boredom and personal epiphanies along the way.

In these photos, you will see Flavia smoking Nat Sherman Fantasia cigarettes in bright, spring-colored hues and holding a bottle of whisky. Do you consider cigarette and whisky as glamorous and fashionable accessories to an outfit or they're just self-destructive ?


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SusanRenee said... @ May 1, 2008 at 7:53 PM

Cigarettes and whisky in the consumer-sphere should be limited to cigarette and whisky ads. They have no place on the fashion front.

In an age when women, especially models, are being berated for unhealthy behavior, anorexia nervosa at the top of the list, it seems absurd to allow cigarettes and whisky - too deadly sins also associated with unhealthy addiction and serious weight loss - to enter the sphere.

Granted this editorial story-line followed a 'dejected at times' narrative, but I still don't think it was the most resourceful use of props.

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