Academy Award-nominated Canadian actress and known for her role in Juno, Ellen Page, will be on the cover of Teen Vogue May 2008 Issue. Teen Vogue Magazine describes her as an easy­going celeb, known for her laid-back, tomboy-chic style as she showed up wearing a Free City hoodie, ripped jeans, and Converse sneaks.

The cover shoot took place at the Golden Oak Ranch in Newhall, California, where classics like Lassie and Old Yeller were filmed. There are also few puppies on set.

Below is an excerpt of Ellen's answers during the interview as well as the behind-the scenes photos from the set.....

: "I'm a bum, really. [Work] is the only time I get dressed up."

ELLEN, ON HER RISE TO FAME: "It's been surreal. I'm insanely grateful, but it's just like, 'Really? Are you sure?'"

ELLEN, ON POST-JUNO ROLES: "People expect me to do some kind of gritty look-at-me-I'm-such-an-actor thing, but that would have felt contrived."

ELLEN, ON THE FUTURE: "I absolutely adore doing this, but I also know that this is a fragile industry, and I don't want to attach my happiness to it."


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