Perhaps Annie Leibovitz is the most in-demand photographer in the fashion and entertainment world today. Last year, she started working with Louis Vuitton to create a series of new ads for the said fashion house.

One ad featured
Mikhail Gorbachev, a Russian politician, looking disturbed in the back of a cab in Germany. He looked out the window with the Berlin Wall in the background and next to him on the seat was an LV duffel bag. At the bottom of the ad is a tagline which reads, “A Journey Brings Us Face To Face With Ourselves.”

In another ad, French actress, Catherine Deneuve is seen sprawled out at a train station, relaxing with her luxury LV luggage. At the bottom of the ad is a tagline which reads, “Sometimes, Home Is Just A Feeling."

Tennis champion Andre Agassi and his wife, Steffi Graf, appeared in another ad where they were cozied up in a hotel and enjoying each other's company, with their LV luggages on the background. At the bottom of the ad is a tagline which reads, “Is There Any Greater Journey Than Love?"

Now, the recently launched ad campaign stars Keith Richards of the Rolling Stone. He is pictured cradling and strumming on his guitar in a New York City hotel with black scarves and skull motifs. By his side is a hard cased, rectangular suitcase with the iconic Louis Vuitton pattern and classic color scheme. At the bottom of the photo is a tagline which reads, “Some journeys cannot be put into words.”

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