Celebrity Closets: Eva Longria, Nicky Hilton, Paula Abdul, Mariah Carey & Others...

by - Wednesday, March 26, 2008

“In any closet, you can find it, if it is too small, or out of style, or there is just one of it where there should be two.”

Thanks to In Style for letting us sneak on some stars' wardrobes/closets. Sorry to disappoint you but we won't be able to find skeletons in their closets, only a number of dresses, shoes, bags, accessories and other fashionable stuff.

Eva Longoria Parker
Famous as: Desperate Housewives actress, wife of Tony Parker
Closet size: 133 square foot
Location: Los Angeles
Special Collections: Christian Louboutin espadrille wedges "a beautiful pain", 50 pairs of jeans and more than one pair of Ugg boots.

Nicky Hilton
Famous as: Hilton heiress, designer of fashion lines Chic and Nicholai
Closet Style: two couture-filled walk-in closets
Location: Sunset Strip
Special Collections: Manolos, Chanels and Louboutins shoes, 200 or more handbags , and a Roberto Cavalli beaded butterfly minidress that the designer gave her for her 24th birthday.

Kimora Lee Simmons
Famous as: Baby Phat clothing line head
Closet Size: 49,000 square foot
Location: Saddle River, N.J.
Special Collections: 500 pairs of jeans, 35 custom-made Hermes Birkin bags and an extensive collection of jewelry.

Paula Abdul
Famous as: American Idol judge
Closet Size: 5,000 square foot
Location: San Fernando valley
Special Collections: made up mostly of high-heels including outfits and accessories with tags.

Mariah Carey
Famous as: five Grammy award-winning artist
Closet size: 12,000 square foot
Location: Manhattan
Special Collections: about 1,000 pairs of shoes, Louis Vuitton luggage

Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Famous as: Sopranos' actress
Closet size: 200 square foot
Location: Tribeca
Special Collections: designer dresses, bags, countless pairs of Genetic jeans, and over 75 pairs of shoes.

Maria Menounos
Famous as: actress and television correspondent
Closet Style: "office/hair-makeup-and-dressing room"
Location: Hollywood, CA
Special Collections: Azzaro and Calvin Klein gowns, 50 pairs of jeans, blazers, sweaters, and rows of shoes and boots.


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