I guess in today’s market, you have to resort to extreme and shocking ads to stand out and get attention. Take the following ads for example:

Running Free Support Bra
This controversial
Running Free support bra ad campaign features three photos: a woman with a broken nose, a woman with a black eye and a woman with missing teeth. Obviously, from injuries by their bouncing assets while running. The tag line is “Support bras, now available.” The photographer is Chris Gordaneer for DDB Toronto, Canada Advertising Agency.

Finland's Next Top Model
The ads for Finland’s Next Top Model portray a full fledged catfight! From hair pulling to WWF wrestling and martial art moves. The ads are photographed by Petrus Olsson with art direction by Mikael Nemeschnaksy for hasan & partners advertising agency, Finland.

Deutsch Magazine
This ad campaign for the lifestyle magazine does not hold back on the daringness or shock value. The ads depict a dog that is
getting intimate with a woman. But it does so in style, with diamond blinged teeth. The ads were done by Jung von Matt/Neckar Advertising Agency, Stuttgart, Germany.



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