After being hailed as official Style Icon at the Elle UK Style Awards, Kate Hudson will be on the cover of the magazine's April issue. For this issue, Kate spilled some of her thoughts on fashion and also opened up about the unusual relationship she shares with her ex-husband, Chris Robinson, and her desire to wear as little clothing as possible.
  • On her own personal style: "I love clothes! But I would never put something on just because it's high fashion. . . I like people to have personal style. . . I'm not into the trampy look. I like to mismatch. I like a look that is not too thought out!"
  • On keeping in shape: "I've always been a dancer. I took ballet from the age of three to 13, then got into jazz dance. Now I have a dance instructor several times a week and I do Pilates."
  • On showing off her figure: "I plan to wear as little as possible for as long as I can. . . I know I won't have this body forever, she says. and I would like to have another child some day."
  • On her relationship with Chris: "The other day I told someone my husband was coming over and they said, 'You mean your ex-husband'. I do love my ex. Whatever man I end up with, I'll always love Chris."
  • On her body image: "If there's one thing I've learnt this year, it's not to think too much about my image. I don't dress for anyone but me and the people I love."
  • On what she'll be wearing this Spring: "Right now I'm in love with colour! Particularly purple. I just bought a purple Dolce sweater. The other color I love for spring is cobalt blue. And that peachy skin-tone colour."


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