To all fashionolics and chocoholics:

Here Ye! Here Ye!

I have a great news to all of you. I have found the chocolate jewels you've been looking for this Valentine season. For sure you'll think twice before melting these chocolates in your mouth because they are almost beautiful to eat...

Christopher Elbow Artisanal Chocolates

Christopher Elbow's chocolates are bite-sized pieces of art, hand painted, air brushed and silk screened with colored cocoa butter. They are as beautiful on the inside as they are out, filled, for example, with dark chocolate ganache infused with Vietnamese cinnamon, honey caramel made with orange blossom honey from a small producer in Ohio or almond marzipan with Persian-spiced ganache.

John & Kira's

The company offers 10 basic flavors and three novelty items—ganache-filled ladybugs, caramel-filled bees and drunken chocolate figs (Spanish figs filled with whiskey-infused dark chocolate ganache and coated in a thin layer of dark chocolate), all created by its self-taught chocolatier/founder, who develops new flavors by "thinking about what works with chocolate … and ways we can source it."

Norman Love Confections

Norman Love's
most popular products include chocolate-raspberry ganache covered in dark chocolate, milk chocolate-coated peanut butter and strawberry jam, and milk chocolate filled with Tahitian caramel. He prides himself on "simplistic but perfect execution," using chocolate from single-origin, grand cru cocoa beans. All of his confections are hand-made and hand-decorated.



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