Hello Everyone! I guess it's not to late to greet you with a "Happy New Year!" cheer. I was on a two-week vacation leave and I totally prevent myself from nearing any computer. I've been working with it for a year and it's good to be apart with it for some time. Now, here I am again....typing on a keyboard, doing some office works and blogging...

It's 2008! What is the very first thing that would come into your mind upon hearing it? Definitely it would be one of these thoughts: New Year and of course, the Beijing Olympics.

A few days from now, the opening ceremony for the Olympic Games in Beijing will be held. As part of a long standing history with the Olympics, Adidas has instituted "The Original Games" collection that celebrates not only one of the greatest sporting events in the world but also some of the most memorable moments in Olympic sporting history. The collection will encompass country relevant items as well as historical stories and unique concepts. In association with Hong Kong's D-mop, The Original Games Collection was launched with various entertainment all relating to the Olympic Games. Various pieces from The Original Games Collection is available at selected adidas Originals locations now with further releases in subsequent months.


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