As I do my regular blog/site hopping, I was fascinated with Victoria's Secret Pink collection. (I am a certified pink-oholic since birth, with addictions on green and purple.) A few days ago, I had a post about purple, "the new pink". Sad to say, purple dominated the fashion world which leave the pink-fanatics a slimmer chance flaunt a pink outfit.

So let me share with you the pink-est prezzles that caught my eyes in VS site.

The site offered their A-List Gifts for Victoria's Secret Pink collection. The list includes comfy, cozy and cute thermal, flannel, hoodies, sweats and sleepshirts galore; perfect for holiday PJ pants; adorable flip-flops and ballet slippers; trendy totes and laptop cases; sweet chillin' boxsie and hipster popper; and huggable pillows.

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