When I thought that Fuzzy Logic are only for programmers and engineers, then I was wrong. Visiting Elle's website, I learned that it can also be used in the glamorous fashion world.

Fuzzy Logic - Fabrics are going soft and luxe for winter, with angora, mohair, and alpaca cropping up in fabulously fun colors.

1. Hat by D&G
2. Mohair Alpaca Skirt by Jean Paul Gaultier
3. Wool-Blend Wide-Leg Shorts by Marc Jacobs
4. Angora Fur Sweater by Louis Vuitton
5. Mohair Jacket by Chriz Benz
6. Wool Mohair Clutch by Prada

*These fashion trend will be impossible for me. We don't have winter here in the Philippines. I'm wondering, when will I see snowflakes and wear mohairs? LOL

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