The West End Fashion Exhibition is showcasing a collection of dresses made from recycled materials at key flagship stores across the West End (London). This season, ‘green’, or ethical fashion is top of the agenda, as designers strive to prove that you can be environmentally friendly and fashionable at the same time.

Bodices made from broken china, nu-rave outfits accessorized with old security tags, ballgowns made from ruched sale signage and curled brown paper are just some of the flamboyant creations you can expect to see. According to Jace Tyrrell of New West End Company, “We challenged the world’s best shops to create a virtual exhibition across the West End featuring “fash” looks styled from their store's recycled goods. The resulting creations are really striking – an inspiration to all of us to think how we can help the green agenda by recycling what we would ordinarily throw away.”

Kudos to the designers! Let's make our world a better place to live in through small beginnings such as recycling.

This is a pro-environmentalist post: I am a member of Save the Mother Earth Movement (SMEM) here in the Philippines...just to let you know..hehehehe

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