Britney's back and she opened the VMA with her new single "Gimme More". A lot of outburst have been heard. Negative comments were written like: Britney's performance was embarrassing enough to make you feel sorry for the girl and the fashion was a bit disappointing.

But she deserves another chance, right? At least this puts attention back on her as a performer.

However, here are the stellar who managed to standout:

Jennifer Garner looked amazing with perfect makeup and the cutest mini dress.

Lauren Conrad in a dress that is almost the exact same one that Jennifer Garner is wearing.

Beyonce going for the gold Grecian goddess look.

Alicia Keys in a sexy, second-skin bondage number.

Ashlee Simpson looked adorable. At least she's not weird-looking during the event.

Megan Fox is stunning. Look at the curves!

Rihanna just cannot look bad. Word on the street is she left with Justin Timberlake.

And here is the best dressed person of the night (probably), Justin Timberlake.

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