The fall runways dictated strong brows, sleek hair, and incredibly loud lips. Elle round up the ten trends that will rule this season.

1. Cleopatra Eyes
The bold, bright look of the Cleopatra eye certainly isn't a trend for the shrinking violet. It echoes the ancient Egyptian with heavy liner, an aqua lid, and a strongly defined brow. Wear it with all black to make a major statement.

2. Defined Brows

The bold brow made a major statement on the runways, with simple, neutral makeup as a backdrop. However, some chose the strongly defined arch "to anchor the face"; the Mommy Dearest-inspired look also popped up.

3. Film Noir Waves
Cascading waves a la Old Hollywood made appearances everywhere for fall: Gucci, Missoni, and Valentino. It references the film noir heyday of the '40s and keeps things soft and romantic. Wrapped small sections of hair in the front around a curling iron, then brushed through them to soften the curls.

4. French Nails

Last fall, black nails were everywhere; when spring arrived, tips took a completely contrasting route and went white. This fall, the two trends make a blissful union with the reverse French manicure, a new take on the two-tone classic.

5. Full Makeup

For the right occasion, a full face of makeup can have a perfectly dramatic effect. Play up both eyes and lips, but keep skin looking fresh and natural. According to master makeup artist, Tom Pecheux (Ferragamo), "It's important to stick to complementary colors, like deep plums and brick red, or else it's overly disco '80s." By the same token, keep hair sleek and simple.

6. Golden Accents
Gilded accents will give anyone a truly ethereal glow. A bit of shimmering powder will do the trick at home.

7. Liquid Liner
Winged cat eyes are back in a big way—think Sophia Loren and Catherine Deneuve, all liquid liner, and tons of sex appeal. "Liner had a painterly shape this season, almost like a flick of the watercolor brush," says Pat McGrath, who employed the technique at Prada and Louis Vuitton. She also recommends leaving lips neutral to draw the attention to the eyes.

8. Messy Hair
Your forehead isn't the only place you'll want to banish shine this season. "Intentionally dull hair looks new," says Redken creative consultant Guido. "Very Parisienne coquette." A little baby powder (or a dry shampoo) will have you looking matte and fabulous in no time.

9. Neon Lips

Not since the '80s have lacquered lips in neon hues had such a prominent place in the beauty lexicon. Paint the pouts a bright shade somewhere between pink and red and layer the color on with your fingers in order to "control intensity." Go easy on the eyes to let the neon lip take full effect.

10. Sleek Hair

For sleek, straight hair, New York stylists looked no further than their own backyard for inspiration. It's all about simple elegance.Not a lot of design, but amazing quality.

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