Fashion is all about the latest trend of dressing, cosmetics and jewelry. We can't deny the fact that there is a great trend of tattooing art.

Tattoo marks can be temporary or permanent. There are different types of tattooing designs like tribal tattoo designs, natural pictures designs, romantic designs, religious designs, dragon design and butterflies. Tattooing symbolizes the glamour world. Tattoo marks can be black or multicolored.

And so Yahoo, checked on the menagerie of animal body art and they were able to have the top 20 animal tattoo searches.

1. Butterfly Tattoos
2. Dragonfly Tattoos
3. Koi Fish Tattoos
4. Scorpion Tattoos
5. Tiger Tattoos
6. Dolphin Tattoos
7. Lion Tattoos
8. Dove Tattoos
9. Sparrow Tattoos
10. Eagle Tattoos
11. Ladybug Tattoos
12. Frog Tattoos
13. Wolf Tattoos
14. Turtle Tattoos
15. Snake Tattoos
16. Cat Tattoos
17. Panther Tattoos
18. Hummingbird Tattoos
19. Horse Tattoos
20. Bear Tattoos

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Just a girl said... @ July 31, 2007 at 7:46 PM

I've always comtemplated the idea of a tatoo. One on my shoulder, probably - somewhere hidden but exotic. And then I think, there's stage of a tatoo;
40s=older sex appeal
50s, 60s etc=perhaps alluring, if you're good looking enough and in shape...but if you've got a bad case of the wrinkles...it just looks like a tacky reminder of youth.
So, tatoo or no tatoo?? (Well, no while I'm living at home...the 'rents would kill me!!) what kind of tatoo would I get?? Maybe a butterfly...
What about you, H-L?
Just a girl

e said... @ February 6, 2008 at 3:04 AM

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