Finally, fashion is granting women a right that's well overdue: the right to dress like men without getting shortchanged on quality. After decades spent struggling to find the perfect business suit from a mix that's overpriced, overly trendy and under-tailored, women finally have the ultimate option: the Borrowed From The Boys.

It is the counterpart of the man's suit-classic, well-made and affordable. In the coming seasons, several designers known for their sartorial men's clothing will offer women what they've been craving: precision.

Runway: Easy, laid-back tailoring stolen from the boyfreind's closet; skinny rock 'n' roll suiting, black and white maitre d' tuxedo- style jackets. If you manage to balance out the masculine pieces with feminine classics, you won't be able to get that Shania song (Man! I feel like a woman) out of your head for the rest of the day. Admit it, you kind of like it anyway.

Reality: Be sure to get a long, hip-length sofly tailored boyfriend jacket. Mix in some feminine elements and try city shorts with an oversized billowing white shirt. Wear a suit or separates. Throw a tunic dress over skinny pants or a long-line blazer over a mini-dress.

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