Pirates of the Caribbean. Who doesn't love this movie? Now on its third sequel (Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End), its raking in box office booty and also kicking off the latest fashion craze.

To go with the flow, get inspired and dress up like a pirate. Have a collection of laced blouses, roomy button ups, ruffled collars and arms, horizontal stripes, skulls, corsets, slouchy boots with floppy cuffs, crossbones, bandanas, swords, and so much more! So why wait? Grab all you can while its still hot. Be at the world's end, for that's where the adventure begins!

Here's some fashion guides for a start from Diva Village:

1. Woven Lace Blouse
2. Tie Sleeve Stripe Top
3. Jett's Skull & Pave CZ Crossbones Necklace
4. Stretch Pinstripe Corset
5. Caribbean Pirate Belt Buckle
6. Volatile Cavalier Boot
7. James Perse Standard Leggings
8. Skull Print Handkerchiefs
9. Swirl Asymmetrical Skirt by Zucozz
10. Lucien Pellat Finet Era Collaboration

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