Having a bad day? Don't just pout, get lucky with these lucky charms.

Evoking the hedonistic mood of a lazy summer's day. Zoe & Morgan's "What's up Rockers" collection is brimming with light hearted bird, wing and cloud motifs. Made of glistening gold and silver, these soulful jewels will perk up the most pared-down ensemble into a striking statement of style. The long pendants add easy cool to sun-dresses and give a rock 'n' roll lift to your evening gown.

Work you charms now...

1. Bird and tassel necklace- Gold plated silver long necklace with smoky quartz crystal stones. It has a bird and cloud pendant towards base with a tassel on the very bottom and slips on over the head.

2. Cloud pendant necklace - Gold plated silver circle link necklace with cut-out cloud pendant. It has a single designer emblem link and simply slips on.

3. Clutched wing pendant necklace - Gold plated silver necklace with wing-shaped pendant at base. It has a small clutched fist above the wing pendant and slips on over the head.


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