Evening weddings are more formal than their daytime counterparts. Invitations may say black tie; if not, opt for semi formal. So just what's your fashion statement?

Tips and Tricks:

If you prefer red in its subtler permutations, like burgundy, maroon and other deep red colors, an evening wedding would make these shades a natural. For coordinating colors, think of the shades of a sunset or brilliant autumn foliage - burnt orange, rust, maize. Silver is an excellent highlight, as are deep greens like hunter. Yellow can pick up the colors of the moon and stars in a pale hue combined with midnight blue.

Consider an evening wedding an occasion to dress up. Leave your daytime clothes in the closet and pull out those really dressy things you thought you'd never have another opportunity to wear. The type of dress that many celebrities are now wearing when they aren't wearing strapless is a mid-length dress. This type of dress is both very conservative and very stylish, and I think would be a perfect fit for guests.


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