June weddings are still quite popular today. We often heard that getting married in June seems to be the right thing to do. No matter what the reason may be though, countless couples are probably getting ready for their own wedding. Hence, I'll post some timeless wedding themes...

For a start here's the Classic theme where whites and silvers are paired to create a truly dramatic and sophisticated look. A Classic Theme doesn't have to conjure up images of your grandma's dining room table. Pieces that are more traditional in nature can be intermingled together to create a truly sophisticated and interesting themed wedding.

Fashion Tips and Tricks:

A traditional white wedding does not equal boring. It's all about mixing something old- timeless elegance - with something new - a trend-led twist. Just add statement jewels and heels to a classic dress for instant chic.

Choose understated colors like pale pink, mushroom, lemon and teal. Weedings are always a great opportunity to don a hat, but if you're not feeling bold, try a jewwl covered hair accessory instead.

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