Runway: The fashionistas' love affair with long hair - the longer the better at Luella, Versace et al - is back on track. Worn sleek, straight and most importantly swingy - not ironed into submission - or layered and in loose semi-waves, this look is at its most directional when draped over one shoulder and combined with a centre parting.

Reality: Incorporating a slightly off-centre parting is more flattering than the ramrod straight variety for those not blessed with perfect model girl features. Regular trims are essential to keep very long hair from looking like rats' tails.

Over the shoulder
Poker-straight lengthy locks, like these flaunted at ES are big news this season, good news for Gwyneth Paltrow, who has been sporting this look for years.

Like Gwyneth, Nicole Kidman knows that poker-straight lengthy locks are both simple and effective - and the over-the-shoulder look was everywhere on this season's catwalks, as shown here at Bendelisi.


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