I need a haircut. That's the first thing that came up to my mind this morning as I was staring at my reflection in the mirror. But what's the latest runway trends for hair? And here's what I found:

This season sees hair get edgy as old-school styles get a modern makeover with interesting, witty twists. There's a retro revival as '60s chic, flapper-girl curls, rockabilly, crimping and backcombing make a catwalk comeback. Classic flirty and feminine styles like the plait and pony evolve into something new and altogether more interesting, and it's set to be a long hot summer as red takes center-stage of the shade spectrum.

Let's start with the Buns and Knots:

Runway: The bun has developed a multiple-personality widening the net beyond the tight, well-groomed, prima-ballerina top-knot to embrace the looser pompadour, and both the structured and deconstructed French pleat. 'This season's chignon is more serious,' says sessionista Luke Hersheson of Daniel Hersherson, London. 'Lanvin, Jil Sander and Michael Kors sent models striding down the catwalk with hair so tightly scraped off the face it worked like a facelift, whereas both Giles's and Stella McCartney's models displayed a wearable softness.'

Reality: Divide a ponytail into two or three sections and roll and twist around each other securing the results with crossed kirby grips underneath. Artfully escaping tendrils will introduce softness and leave you feeling less exposed.

Full bodied chignon
Never one to shy away from a daring look, Angelina Jolie felt inspired by the full bodied chignons on display at Pecoraro for this year's Golden Globes ceremony

High bun
The ballet dancer bun was high and úber-groomed at Steven Burrows and atop the head of Beyoncé Knowles at an event last month

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