Sons will follow in his footsteps while daughters hang onto his old sweaters. He's often referred to as the "head of the household," so why not let his hobbies inspire your gift idea? Beyond the standard socks, ties and money clips, check out these tips to help every woman update his wardrobe with styles he'll love to live in.

The All American Dad
His Style: If your Pops is an avid sports fan, chances are he's got the jeans and t-shirt look down pat. Casual and comfortable, his clothing is meant for living, lounging, and cheering in. And whether it be baseball, basketball, hockey or football -- Dad may jump at the chance to take in a game, but he's also king of the couch.

Gift Idea: Old habits are hard to break, and you've discovered Dad is as loyal to his old clothes as he is to his home team. If you want to convince him to warm up to some new duds, the key is to find items that will feel like they've been in his closest for years. Buy some soft, worn-in items like t-shirts and caps, faded jeans with distressed pockets. And for those dads who want a little more polish, they may have some layering pieces that will round out his basic wardrobe.

The Great Outdoors Dad
His Style: It's time to pack the family into the RV! No, this is not a Chevy Chase movie, he just can't get enough of Mother Nature. Dad's idea of "wild life" involves camping, hiking and fishing and with his active lifestyle, fashion needs to meet function. The more pockets the better for this outdoor aficionado.

Gift Idea: Forgo anything that is polished or perfect, and instead dress dad in comfortable, practical clothing. Patchwork madras shorts and utility vests will work for him. His idea of a "man bag" ? The backpack for every kind of out outing from 'urban' and 'active' to 'travel' will complete the look.

The City Slicker Dad
His Style: A fashion-forward father with flair, this dad is up-to-date on the latest styles. He's not afraid to try new trends, and always looks sharp and sophisticated. Whether he's heading out for an evening, or strutting down the street on his way to work - he dresses to impress.

Gift Idea: Cater to his trendy tastes, with some of the seasons hottest must-haves for men such as suits, shirts in colors from coral to lavendar, and white-hot linen pants. He can also have retro polos, and aviator sunglasses, like those from Ray Ban or A/X Exchange,that are a big style statement this season. Always a classic, an original button-down will never fail and always be welcome.

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