Gianfranco Ferrè was a fashion designer and was known as "the architect of fashion" for his background and his original attitude toward creating fashion design.

Ferrè became Stylistic Director of Christian Dior in Paris in 1989, when he was chosen by owner Bernard Arnault to replace Marc Bohan. In 1996, it was announced that Ferrè would end his engagement with Dior with the Spring 1997 collection for the label. His own label is more relaxed and practical than Dior, with functional pockets and no big hats. Sophisticated white shirts have became the symbol of his personal signature in fashion design.

He died last June 17 due to brain hemorrhage and his funeral will be held today.

Here are some of his works: Spring/Summer 2007 Collection

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According to me "I feel making beautiful clothes is an art and it requires creativity and time, to make somebody look beautiful".

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