Move over black, the little white dress is stepping in...

Little white dresses are more than Western symbols of purity; they’re the new staple of every fashionista’s wardrobe. From traditional bridal gowns to little girl Easter attire, white dresses have long been fashion code for innocence and purity.

Don't think of yourself as a fashion traditionalist! With a crisp white sundress and sun-kissed golden skin all summer long, there's nothing boring about that.

Runway: Little White Dresses are shown for day and night time wear.

Reality: Wear the Little White Dress in place of the LBD (white to weddings is still a no-no, though) and accessorize them with white or metallic sandals and big, chunky bangles. Wear nude undergarments that match your skin tone for the most natural look; you may need a traditional or body slip for a smooth look if you opt for more fitted white dresses.

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