Posted earlier was your top ten summer shoes must have, so here's another one to make you even poorer: the top 10 must have summer accesories. look and oggle...

1. NATURAL CHARMS. The malachite and tortoise shell daisy necklace.

2. PATENTLY BEST. The black quilted patent leather belt.

3. LOGO MANIA. The cream/black and black/silver plactis cuffs with F logo.

4. ON THE CUFF. The ivory cuff with green stone and Swarovski crystals.

5. FASHION CIRCLES. The 'antique' silver metal ball and ring necklace and dome cuff.

6. BELT UP. The tobacco leather gold logo buckle belt.

7. ON THE ONE HAND. The large green, red and gold hand pendant.

8. HOLD COURT. The red and navy silk jester head print scarf.

9. ZIP UP. The black leather wallet clutch with zippers.

10. SOCIAL BUTTERFLY. The shiny gold multi-chain butterfly necklace.

Oh well, you're only making myself suffer. These stuff are quite expensive, unless you've got some money burning in your fireplace right now. So, if ever (and that would be a big EVER) you find myself with either one of these, it would only mean one thing: you robbed a bank and you're now a fugitive; wanted by the police in 20 countries.

At least you'll look god in your white and black stripes prison garb! Gwak! Tehee.


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