Jeans are everywhere! Denim has attitude. Denim makes sales. Jeans are designed in comfortable, trendy styles with variety of sizes and washes. Anyone who wears it will definitely have a silhouette for every occasion. Here are the following tips for choosing an "Ultra-Cool Denims".

1. Art and Science in Fusion
A good pair of jeans should always give great look from behind! Some designers called it "Bra for the Butt" for it projects an uplifting qualities of a woman's behind. Fidelity denim designer Jason Trotzuk calls this coup a case of science meeting art. "We specially shape the back pattern so it holds the bottom in similar manner to that of a brassiere," he confides. "There are many different 'bottom' types, but ultimately, a pair of jeans should hold and cup your derriere. The fabric should not sag, nor there excess fabric at the bottom of your seat."

2. Right Sweet Spot
"Sweet Spot" refers to the perfect pocket place. Indeed, the properly-placed pocket will frame your butt like a Van Gogh painting. So, where is this magical sweet spot? Simple: pockets should be centre on either cheek. Not too close to the middle, not too high, and definitely not too low. (Pockets should almost never sit so low that they cut into the seat crease. This will make the butt look too long, and the legs too short.)

3. Size Really Matters
Pocket size is the other key to a picture-perfect butt. Too-small pockets can make the bottom look bigger, while a larger pocket fills more space and covers more of the area, without highlighting a particular region of the backside.

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