1. Tropical Shadows - Luxurious tropical vegetation, extreme sensuality and masculine and feminine influences combined to create a sort of baroque flamboyance in a twilight of rich tonalities. Discover the exuberance of the Caribbean cultures.

2. North Summer Light - The ambience of a beach, fresh and vivifying bathed in the summer light. It gives the feeling of natural, healthy lifestyle in the open air, clean and fresh, far from pollution. Projects a casual look with rather romantic approach and naive folkoric touch inspired by the Scandinavian cuntryside.

3. Globe Trotter - A chic, nonchalant trek across Asia to create a new, personal travelogue, in slightly bleached and faded colours. The sillhouettes of these contemporary globetrotters fade into the local landscape, combining sportswear with a uniform spirit, nut with ultra-feminine pieces, with just a hint of ethnic in detail or trim.

4. First Class Cruise - A desire for new purity, elegance approaching a certain form of minimalism. Find the balance between the feminine and the masculine, with a 1920's-1930's touch of retro influence. An athletic silhouette of anatomical shapes in a retro-sports style, inspired by tennis and regattas.


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