Agent Provocateur has released a new set of ads featuring model Kate Moss with the theme of sheer horror. These ads have very different setting compared to the photos that appeared last month that were romantic, pink and full of hope.

Agent Provocateur's White Wedding ads depicts Kate Moss in a surreal world of bleeding heads, skulls, and crossbones. The first of six videos of ad stills that can be viewed at Showstudio were shot by Nick Knight and were based on a script written by Joe Corré's , Founder of Agent Provacateur. The script aims to project the "the demise of a bride's 'big day' and serialise the unravelling of the religious organisation behind it". Knight along with artists Jake and Dinos Chapman have created the following scenes:

Scene 1: The Happiest Day of Her Life

Scene 2: The Garden of Eden

Scene3: Bad News

Scene 4: Frenzy

Scene 5: Revenge

Scence 6: Let Them Eat Kate


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