Louis Vuitton sued Nadia Plenser, a Danish student artist and designer, for her “Simple Living” campaign. Nadia is a fundraiser that supports the Divest for Darfur organization. She drew an image of a young Darfur child holding a chihuahua dog and sporting a designer bag that looked like the famous Louis Vuitton’s Murakami Multicolore canvas pattern. Louis Vuitton filed a lawsuit last April 15th and demands payment for their ‘intellectual property’.

Meanwhile, last April 29 Juicy Couture filed a lawsuit against Victoria's Secret Pink. They accused VS for using similar ideas and icons, such as their trademark seat-of-the-pants Juicy logo and selling apparel wrapped in the shape of lollipops and ice cream cones, mimicking the packaging used in Juicy's Sweet Shoppe.The company is asking for the offending clothing to be destroyed and to be awarded triple damages.



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