Supposedly, I should have end this wearable fashion trends series with this post but since some of you were enjoying to read them I decided to continue to think and to look for ideas to be posted here.

In addition to your list, stock up some spring's favorite dresses - the trapeze, sack and bubble for they are still "in" up to this very moment. It's time to "pop" and "swing" onto fashions latest favorite silhouette.

Did you know that modern bubble dress was first created in 1957 by Pierre Cardin? It is similar to the sack dress, but makes more of a statement. The dress balloons slightly out at the hem and has become a key evening look. On the other hand, Trapeze dress was brought in the mainstream by YSL in 1958 and known for its narrow shoulders and a wide expanse of fabric at the hem. It has two parallel lines at the neck and hem, and two angular seams at the sides.

Enjoy the volume! Blop! Blop! Blop! Do you also see all the bubbles in the air?

Runway: Bubble and trapeze dresses are sticking around this season. To pull off this look, you need to be tall or wear very high heels. Wear with caution, as the bubble shape doesn't flatter large hips and the voluminous tent shape of trapeze will only make your body appear larger.

Reality: The trapeze and bubble shape is great because it works on virtually every body type and can very effectively hide problem areas! For a look that will suit everyone, make sure the dress falls just below the knee, rather than wearing the cropped style. Balance the width with height - look out for double-platform sandals or super-heels. No matter how great the volume of the garment, make sure it fits where it's supposed to.

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